Web-development with a personal touch.
I'm a party of one, not an insensitive corporation. I am here to help you get online.

Mobile friendly

All of our products will always come fully responsive standard, meaning it will look amazing on mobile and tablets devices.

With love

Freelance by KP puts nothing but home-made passion, love and attention to detail in every piece of work produced.

Catch em'

Regardless of your audience, we will produce you a wbesite that will catch anyone. Let's make something great.


All projects regardless of their purpose, come standard with Google Analytics, so you know when your audience.

About KP

I want to hand craft you some awesome stuff.

I'm just a twenty-something year old trying to make my dreams come true. Living along the gorgeous Scenic Highway of 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, I love people. I decided to launch Freelance by KP, to give honest-to-goodness top of the line service at a reasonable rate.

Web development

With over 13 years of web-development skills and experience, we're not going build just a website, but a piece of art. A website gives the customer the first impression of your product or purpose. If the presentation is sloppy or confusing, the conversation rate is more than likely to be rather low.

Supporting you

When coming up with the pricing for our service, I decided to break it up into two divisions: one-time services and subscriptions. If you opt in to go towards the subscription option, you will be provided with our guarantee to update your content within 24 hours of your request.

Bright idea's

How frustrating is it to have an idea and have no idea how to express it or even put it through pen and paper? Together, we're going to pull those ideas out of your head and put them into fruition. Let's tell the world what you mean and what you've got to offer, shall it be an office or just a personal website.

How we work

We create awesome stuff

Quality is our #1 commitment. That's why we only take on a limited amount of projects at a time, because we think that quality over quantity is the way to stay.


Let's take a look at what you've got. We'll come up with some mock ups and proceed from there.


We'll show you some of our ideas and get a more precise direction of what exactly you have in mind.


Productivity is key. That's why we show you the progress, all along the way.

Blast off

You've got the goods and we'll still be here when it's time to make any modifications, as needed.

Work flow

Let's not make it harder than it has to be. That's why we go through three stages. Who likes a long and drawn out "process?" Not us.

1. Converse

2. Create

3. Product

Client feedback

Innovating and making people's lives easier is literally what drives us to enjoy your job so much. Have a glance at some of our feedback.


"The website that Kolton built for the office has not only improved effiency, but made it so much easier for students to book appointments online. It's made my job so much more enjoyable."

Gayle G.Program Coordinator at
TRiO Dothan Public Schools

"Kolton's ezBallot software has done nothing but make not dread counting homecoming and SGA votes, by hand, anymore. Getting the results are much easier and literally instant. Love KP!"

Celeste M.Student Affairs at
Dothan Public Schools

"We are a hosting company that was looking for a better presentation of our services. Kolton reinvented our concepts and made everything so fresh. Our sales went up almost over night."

Austin J.Small Business Owner at
Web Hosting Fox

"Kolton created excellent marketing material for my company. He helped me draft up a few ideas, to generate new leads through social media. He's an excellent young man."

Bill L.Small Business Owner at
Gator Ink & Toner

Why choose KP?

We create awesome stuff

A bunch of small things can make one really awesome big thing. Freelance by KP will always cater to the customer in any way that we can, for whatever they need.


Freelance by KP takes pride in all of our work. Get to know just a little bit about us, in eight simple ways that make us who we are.

We're creative

"Think outside the box" is kind of over-played. We honestly go with nothing casual, except our tone and approach.

We're passionate

Happy clients and beautiful results is all we ever strive for. Anything less than the best just isn't enough for us.

We love people

The only thing automated about us is our Customer Hub. Everything else is made from one heart, to be delivered to another.

Quick support

If you're on a subscription plan or a one-time plan, we're going to still keep you as a top priority in our books. Problems? Solved.

We're accessible

We try to make it pretty easy to understand our intentions and purpose. If you ever feel in doubt, just reach out to us.

Retina ready

If we put our name on it, it's going to look fabulous. Retina ready just means that any of our products are going to look super crisp.

SEO optimized

These magical things that say anything to do with SEO are what drive a website's traffic towards it. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Easy rolling

We're with you until the end. The end is only decided based upon what type of plan you choose.

Let's get in touch

Have any questions that we haven't quite touched on? No problem. Let's get in touch.

(404) 236-9498

Santa Rosa Beach, FL
United States