A powerful software created with the educator in-mind. ezBallot is used to collect responses from students, parents, and faculty.
ezBallot is currently used in 14 public schools, ranging from grades 6th-12th.

What does it do?

Powerful and mighty

ezBallot was created by a student for educators. Originally built for collecting student's votes for SGA and Homecoming votes, ezBallot has grown to be used to collect ideas from students, suggestions from parents, and even collecting the final data for who should deserve to be titled "Most Likely to Skip Class." Started in 2012 for a high school of about 2,100 students, ezBallot has hand-crafted to do nothing more but collect results in real-time to alliviate the stress of finding volunteers to count ballots, hand-write each vote, and ensure confidentially and accuracy. Thanks to that simple beginning, we've unrolled out to over 14 schools (and plenty more pending,) with nothing but the educators in mind.

The best part? It's "EZ" to use for the student and administrator.

ezBallot was built with knowing how modern classrooms functions. For that, ezBallot is restricted from being accessed on any kind of mobile device or IP address that is not on the "approved" list.

Additionally, each facility receives their very own dedicated Group Code, which is to be entered at the beginning of each day, if activated by the ballot administrator. It's noteworthy that the Group Code can be changed at any time. Something ezBallot is also capable of is emailing participants unique codes, so each participant can only submit their response once.

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