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About KP

In case you haven't already figure it out, KP is a team of one person, and it's me. KP are my initials. I'm here and I'm committed to give you top of the line service at a reasonable and sercure rate. Your online presence can have a heavy impact on sales, so it's important that it's in the right hands.

Web development

Just in short few years on this Earth, I've developed dozens of websites for various causes and companies. No idea sounds too ludicrous nor impossible. That's why I encourage us to get together and brain storm some awesome ideas.

context advertising

Having a website is very important. But, advertising and marketing it to the correct audience is just as important. While we don't offer those services, we will certainly walk with you, every step of the way, to get you in the right direction.

Internet marketing

Advertising and marketing are two very different things. It's an important chemistry that works very closely together, but also can hender each other, if not done correctly. It's not really our thing, but we definitely will help you along the way.

Our skills

Just to give you a rough idea, websites are composed of a bunch of different codes that all talk to each other. It's what we know.

HTML is the text and the boxes that come together and make a website have the content. Making something bold or even an image in a page is using HTML.

CSS is what makes everything pretty. This form of code works extremely close with HTML and gives any website that gorgeous touch of aesthetic.

Things such as this cool-looking "tab thing" uses JavaScript. Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with coffee, but it does take a lot of coffee to understand it.

Most of the time, cool tools on a website, such as a calendar or contact form are taking advantage of JavaScript. It's not as bad as you'd think, to look at.

Wordpress is this really cool blogging software that's used for so much more than just making a blog these days. Some of the biggest websites use it, because of how easy it is.

It has become more widely known as a "software management system." (SMS) A lot of times, this is what we'll use to build cool and easy to edit websites.

eCommerce is nothing more than the idea of selling goods online. If you are an "online only" store or a "brick and mortar" store, going online is a big step.

Mastering the art of eCommerce is an aquired trait that can only take place after lots of trial and error. This also goes hand-in-hand with marketing and avertising, as we discussed earlier.

Opencart is a really great software that takes advantage of "PHP" and "JavaScript" to make an online store happen. They offer several extentions and themes.

This really great software makes it possible to make it easy for offering coupons, launching sales, and making fast changes to products, for your online needs.


Client feedback

Innovating and making people's lives easier is literally what drives us to enjoy your job so much. Have a glance at some of our feedback.


"The website that Kolton built for the office has not only improved effiency, but made it so much easier for students to book appointments online. It's made my job so much more enjoyable."

Gayle G.Program Coordinator at
TRiO Dothan Public Schools

"Kolton's ezBallot software has done nothing but make not dread counting homecoming and SGA votes, by hand, anymore. Getting the results are much easier and literally instant. Love KP!"

Celeste M.Student Affairs at
Dothan Public Schools

"We are a hosting company that was looking for a better presentation of our services. Kolton reinvented our concepts and made everything so fresh. Our sales went up almost over night."

Austin J.Website Owner at
Web Hosting Fox

"Kolton created excellent marketing material for my company. He helped me draft up a few ideas, to generate new leads through social media. He's an excellent young man."

Bill L.Small Business Owner at
Gator Ink & Toner